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Conducting Research

15 Methods of Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

This is a brief description of qualitative analysis methods compiled by Donald Ratcliff.

Choosing a Statistical Test

From Motulsky's Intuitive Biostatistics, this is a review of available statistical tests and conditions for using each test.  It has an easy to use table and discussion to assist in determining the appropriate statistical test.


The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) provides web-based courses that satisfy the protection of human subjects training requirements for OSU faculty, staff, and students involved in human subjects research.

Effect Size Calculator

Calculators for effect size correlation provided by Dr. Lee A. Becker of University of Colorado Colorado Springs. generates true random numbers which can be used for random sampling, random drawings, and a variety of other research purposes. The site is operated by Mads Haahr of the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College, Dublin.

Response Rate Calculator

The response rate calculator, by Venture Data, determines the response rate for a survey.

Sample Size Calculator

The Sample Size Calculator, provided by Creative Research Systems survey software, determines the number of subjects needed in order to get results reflective of the target population as precisely as needed.

SPSS Tutorial

This is a guide to using SPSS, from basic information to detailed instructions for running statistical tests, provided by UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education.

The Association of American Universities Data Exchange

"The Association of American Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE) is a public service organization whose purpose is to improve the quality and usability of information about higher education. Their membership is comprised of AAU institutions that support this purpose and participate in the exchange of data/information to support decision-making at their institution."


Designing Surveys: Survey Basics

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Research Series Session 1: Qualitative Assessment Introduction

Newhart, D.W., Kennedy-Phillips, L.C., Wang, X.

Research Series Session 2: Focus Groups

Newhart, D.W., Kennedy-Phillips, L.C., Wang, X.

Research Series Session 3: Qualitative Data Analysis

Newhart, D.W., Kennedy-Phillips, L.C., Wang, X.

Questions About Questions: Tips on How to Construct a Survey to Get You the Best Responses

Newhart, D.W. (2011). Ohio Student Affairs Assessment Conference.