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Training Webinars

The Center for the Study of Student Life promotes individual and departmental professional development by offering training webinars that explore specific research and assessment topics in-depth so student affairs practitioners can become more familiar with these topics. Check out the Resources tab for additional resources on these topics and more in the form of presentations, worksheets, and links to helpful websites.

Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation and Assessment

This webinar explores the role of evaluation and assessment in Student Affairs, and overviews how to get these two related but distinct activities started in your organization or department. Length 9:36.

Focus Groups

Overview of the Process of Conducting a Focus Group

This webinar overviews the entire process of conducting a focus group, including topics such as gathering participants, focus group agenda and guidelines, and analyzing the data collected from a focus group. Click this link to access the resources mentioned in this webinar. Length 18:34.

In-Depth Focus Group Implementation Part 1: What to Expect from a Focus Group

This webinar examines the preparation and process of conducting a focus group to help establish realistic expectations of focus group implementation. Length 9:16.

In-Depth Focus Group Implementation Part 2: Mitigating Personal Bias in Focus Group Facilitation

This webinar provides examples of bias which might affect focus group facilitation, illustrates the effect of personal bias on data collection, and suggests strategies for mitigating personal bias in focus groups facilitation - specifically in the Student Affairs context. Length 6:25.

In-Depth Focus Group Implementation Part 3: Managing the Focus Group

This webinar details how to manage a focus group, from preparation through the close of your session, including how to think about your questions, how to set up the focus group, and important points to consider during the session. Length 22:39.

Analyzing Data from a Focus Group

This webinar offers a brief overview of some qualitative research considerations, followed by key points for focus group analysis. Click this link to access this webinar's list of references. Length 15:00.


Learning Outcomes

How to Write a Learning Outcome

This webinar details how to use the ABCD method to write student learning outcomes. Length 6:17.


Quantitative Analysis

Your Survey Closed, Now What? Quantitative Analysis Basics

This webinar provides an overview of basic quantitative analysis, including the types of variables and statistical tests commonly  used by Student Affairs professionals. Specifically discussed are the basics of Chi-squared tests, t-tests, and ANOVAs, including how to read an SPSS output for each of these tests. Length 14:28.


Survey Design

Basics of Designing a Survey

This 12-minute webinar examines the basics of designing a survey with an emphasis on higher education and student affairs contexts. Length 12:14.