Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

2014 Conference Materials

Keynote Speaker Presentation

Measuring Social and Ethical Competencies: A Rubrics-Based Approach

Enrique Ramos, National Student Affairs Director, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Distinguished Speaker Presentations

Assessment - It’s the Small Things

Stephanie Gordon, Vice President for Professional Development at NASPA

The Top Five Reasons Student Affairs Research & Assessment Professionals and Institutional Researchers Make Great Partners

Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research and Planning, The Ohio State University

Concurrent Sessions I

Featured Speaker Session: Getting out of Our Silos: Raising Assessment to the Division Level

Vicki Wise, Director for Assessment and Research, Enrollment Management, and Student Affairs, Portland State University

A Fresh Look at Learning Outcomes

Franziska Ludemann, The Ohio State University; Mitsu Narui, The Ohio State University

Harry Potter and the Order of Higher Thinking: Assessing Creative Thinking through Portfolios

Marta Bauer, Purdue University; Maggie Konich, Purdue University; Ethel Swartzendruber, Purdue University

Research and Assessment: How they Differ and How to Use them Together

Daniel Newhart, Oregon State University

Research to Practice: Using Qualitative Data from Sexual Consent Focus Groups to Inform Programs, Services, and Policies

Michelle M. Bangen, The Ohio State University; Katye R. Miller, The Ohio State University

Student Financial Help-Seeking Behavior: From Theory to Practice

Catherine P. Montalto, The Ohio State University; Bryan Ashton, The Ohio State University

Concurrent Sessions II

Featured Speaker Session: How Do we Know Students are Better Off? Results-Based Accountability

Patience Whitworth, Assistant Dean for Assessment, Student Learning, and Technology, The University of Vermont

Amplifying All Voices: Evaluating Campus Organizations that Serve Underrepresented Minority Students

Dana M. Winters, University of Pittsburgh; Everett Herman, University of Pittsburgh

Assessment: Building Upon the Tools that Exist to Better Inform Practice

Paul Bellini, The Ohio State University; Elizabeth Fines, The Ohio State University; Julie Sanzone, The Ohio State University

Healthy Minds Network: Research-to-Practice in Campus Mental Health

Blake Wagner III, University of Michigan; Rebecca Lindsay, University of Michigan

Reinventing Training for Entry-Level Conduct Officers

Kristen Renee Lindsay, Heidelberg University

Remaining Relevant: Using Data to Tell the Story

Chris Sligh, Western Michigan University; Jessie Corp, Western Michigan University

Concurrent Sessions III

Featured Speaker Session: It Takes a Team: Role of Data and Assessment in Supporting Community College Student Success

David Horton, Assistant Professor, Counseling & Higher Education, Ohio University

Assessment Essentials: Engaging a New Audience

Dennis Gregory, Kent State University; Erica Eckert, Kent State University; Jo Campbell, Bowling Green State University; Anat Levtov, Bowling Green State University; Michael Mastalski, Bowling Green State University

Collect, Assess, Report, Now What? Learning to Leverage Your Data for Institutional Gain

Jaime Sperandio, University of Cincinnati; Kaci Kortis, University of Cincinnati

Effective Assessment When There’s (Almost) No Time For It: A Case Study from Orientation Week

Emily Slager, University of Washington

From Hit-and-Miss to Focused Training

John Wanzer, The Ohio State University; Jennifer Belisle, The Ohio State University

The Forgotten Step: Incorporating Students into the Assessment Process

Anna Gatewood Sharpe, University of Kentucky; James D. Breslin, University of Kentucky

What Can Student Affairs Learn from Nielsen Audio? Benefits of Using a Modified Arbitron Assessment in Higher Education

Oscar McKnight, Ashland University; Jonathan Locust Jr., Ashland University; Kerri Carmichael, Ashland University

Concurrent Sessions IV

Featured Speaker Session: Strategic Planning and Assessment Go Hand-in-Hand

Ellen Meents-DeCaigny, Assistant Vice President, Assessment Planning and Communication, DePaul University

Action-Oriented Assessment Approaches: No Surveys Allowed

Erica Eckert, Kent State University

Set Up for Success with Focus Groups

Debra Wilburn, Wright State University

Supporting International Undergraduate Students’ Academic Needs: How Assessment Can Inform Program and Practice

Lauren Hensley, The Ohio State University; Yujin Chang, The Ohio State University; Cindy Xinquan Jiang, The Ohio State University; Caroline Omolesky, The Ohio State University

Survey Research: Making Sure You Are Hearing What the Students Are Really Saying

Angela K. Tombari, University of Kentucky; Alexandra Henchy, Asbury Theological Seminary

Unique Approaches to Assessing Your Program

Dilnavaz N. Cama, The Ohio State University; Alexander G. Sanchez, The Ohio State University; Willie Young, The Ohio State University; Sarah Hurd, Western Michigan University; Jesus Romero, Western Michigan University; Tina Comston, The Ohio State University