Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

CSSL Conference Presentations



Taking Your Campus Pulse: Effective Strategies for Assessing Campus Climate

Woosley, S. & Aaron, R.W. (2016). ACPA Annual Convention

Assessing the Co-Curricular Needs of International Students on Campus: Three Lessons Learned

Taylor, K., Oaks, D.J, & McDaniel, A. (2016) NASPA Annual Convention



Complementing the Classroom: Developing and Assessing Co-Curicular Learning Outcomes

Aaron, R.W, & Busby, K. (2015) Assessment Insitute in Indianpolis



"Cultural Deprivation": Latino/a Student Experiences at a PWI

Tullier, S., Duckett, K.M., & Shaulskiy, S.R. (2014). ACPA Annual Convention.

Innovating with Strengths: Encouraging Positive Growth for Students Throughout Campus

Barnes, A., Larcus, J., & Savarese, K. (2014) ACPA Annual Convention.

"That's Infectious": African American Male Leadership Development

Suddeth, T., Oaks, D.J., & Duckett, K.M. (2014). ACPA Annual Convention.

A Shared Responsibility for Student Learning

Kennedy-Phillips, L. (2014). APCA Annual Conference. Keynote Address.

Interactive Session: Outcomes Assessment

Kennedy-Phillips, L. (2014). APCA Annual Conference.


"It was more about the functional area:" Student Affairs Professionals in Community Engagement Positions

Tullier, S. (2013). IARSLCE Annual Conference.

Changes in Student Wellness During the First Year of College

Duckett, K. Newhart, D.W. (2013). Building Healthy Academic Communities Summit.

What Do We Do With All of This Data?

Newhart, D.W. & Shumaker, M., Stenta, D. (2013). ACPA Annual Convention.

Writing and Designing a Survey to Assess Your Program or Service

Oaks, D.J. & Slager, E.M. (2013). NASPA Annual Conference.


Assessment Skill-Building: Project Planning and Implementation

Kennedy-Phillips, L.C., Meents-DeCaigny, E., & Slager, E.M. (2012). NASPA IV-E Regional Pre-Conference Workshop.

Data Don't Lie: Leading Change through Ethical Assessment

Brendon, L.K. & Oaks, D.J. (2012). NASPA Annual Conference.

Describing a Coaching Model in Assessment: Philosophy and Process

Slager, E.M. & Oaks, D.J. (2012). NASPA Assessment and Persistance Conference.

Does Being at College Make Students Unhealthy?

Slager, E.M. & Boehm, C. (2012). NASPA Mental Health Conference.

Infusing Creativity into the Assessment Process

Slager, E.M. & Oaks, D.J. (2012). Ohio State Recreation Sports Staff Retreat.

Innovative Ways of Assessing Diversity Programs

Kennedy-Phillips, L.C. & Oaks, D.J. (2012). Ohio Consortium of Multicultural Centers in Higher Education.

Student Employment Is More Than Making Copies

Athas, C., Oaks, D.J., Duckett, K.M., & Kennedy-Phillips, L.C. (2012). NASPA Annual Conference.

Students in Debt: A "Goldmine" for Stress on Campus?

Newhart, D.W., Slager, E.M., Trombitas, K.S. (2012). NASPA Annual Conference.


Student Financial Wellness Project

Trombitas, K.S. & Kennedy-Phillips, L.C. (2011). NASPA Annual Conference.

There's No Place Like HOME: The Housing Outcomes Measurement Evaluation

Heilman, S.C. (2011). NASPA Annual Conference.


Learner Model and Learning System: Concept Maps Informing Practice

Brendon, L.K. & Oaks, D.J. (2010). NASPA Annual Conference.

Locating and Integrating Data to Support Our Work

Kennedy-Phillips, L.C. & Meents-DeCaigny, E. (2010). NASPA Assessment and Retention Conference

Once Upon a Time: Using Data to Tell Your Organization's Story

Uhrig, K. & Kennedy-Phillips, L.C. (2010). NASPA Annual Conference.

"What about Us?" Engaging Second-Year Students

Kennedy-Phillips, L.C., Boehm, C., Moses, J., Athas, C. (2010). NASPA Conference.


Focusing on the Sophomore Experience: Characteristics Related to the Social and Academic Involvement of Second-Year College Students

Wang, X. & Kennedy-Phillips, L.C. (2009). Association of Institutional Research Conference.

If Assessment Scares You, Raise Your Hand!

Heilman, S.C. & Hallam, C. (2009). Association of College and University Housing Officers--Living Learning Programs Conference.

NCHA Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Athas, C., (2009). Alcohol Moalition Meeting.

NCHA Mental Health

Athas, C., (2009). Counseling and Consultation Services Staff Meeting.

Transfer and Regional Campus Change Student Demographics Compared to New First Quarter Freshmen: Findings from the 2006 Ohio State Involvement Survey

Capel Stephenoff, G., Wang, X., Newhart, D.W. (2009). Focusing on the First Year--The Transfer Experience Conference.