Office of Student Life

Center for the Study of Student Life

Reports and Data by Year

The reports below examine data from recent research projects conducted by the Center for the Study of Student Life. They may be based on a small sub-set of information from a large survey or national data set, or they may summarize a research project undertaken at The Ohio State University. Reports are organized by data source and chronologically, according to the date of publication, beginning with the most recent. 


Financial Wellness: Wellness Assessment

Student Life Event Marketing: Student Life Survey 

University Report: Graduation Survey

First Destinations: Graduation Survey 

Trends from 2014-2019: Graduation Survey

Financial Wellness of Students of Color: Study on Collegiate Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students: Study on Collegiate Financial Wellness

2018 Autumn Overall Report: Leadership Education Needs Assessment

Career Readiness: Student Life Survey

A Look at Transfer and Campus Change Students: Student Life Survey

Comparing the Random Sample to Self-Selected Students: Wellness Assessment 2018-2019

Wellness of Students Based on Sexual Orientation: Wellness Assessment 2018-2019

Student Philanthropy: Student Life Survey

Third-Year Undergraduate Students: Wellness Assessment 2018-2019

Graduate and Professional Student Wellness: Wellness Assessment 2018-2019




The Student Employment Experience: Student Life Survey

Experiences of Low-Income and First-Generation Students: Student Life Survey

Healthy Habits among Ohio State Students: National College Health Assessment

A Look at the Nine Dimensions of Wellness: Wellness Assessment 2017-2018

Involvement, Development and Belonging: Student Life Survey

Engagement and Belongingness of Domestic and International Students: Student Life Survey

Student Leadership Needs: Student Life Survey

University Report: Graduation Survey

First Destinations: Graduation Survey

First Year Student Wellness: Wellness Assessment

Trends from 2015 to 2017: Wellness Assessment

Comparing Random Sample vs. Self-Selected Participants 2017: Wellness Assessment



Environmental Wellness: Wellness Assessment

Campus Involvement and Leadership: A Focus on Gender Differences

Campus Involvement and Student Outcomes: Student Life Survey 

Student Engagement and Financial Wellness: Student Life Survey

Campus Climate on Diversity: 2012 and 2015 Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

International Student Wellness: Wellness Assessment

Student Communication Preferences: Student Life Survey

Graduate and Professional Student Wellness: Wellness Assessment



Alcohol, Drug Use and Student Wellness: Wellness Assessment

Citizenship: Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

Leadership Efficacy: Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

Career Preparation and Preferences: Student Life Survey

Student Activities and Involvement: Student Life Survey

Service-Learning and Community Engagement at Ohio State