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Below is a comprehensive list of all the resources for undergraduate and graduate/professional level students currently included at the end of the assessment.  Submit additional resources at


  • A Day in the Life of a Buckeye (Social Change) - Programs in Student Life Social Change, like this one, work to empower and advance individuals, families and communities facing poverty. 
  • Advocates for Inclusion and Diversity through Education (AIDE) - Advocates for Inclusion and Diversity through Education is a student organization that seeks to educate the Ohio State community through initiatives that promote inclusive dialogue, empower advocates for social justice, raise awareness issues impacting marginalized identities and foster a cognizant campus climate. AIDE is open to everyone and welcomes new members at any time during the year.
  • African American Heritage Festival Planning Committee - The planning committee is responsible for the planning, marketing and implementation of a nine-day celebration of African American heritage.
  • Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship (APTE) - An annual conference organized by Ohio State students. The program brings together social entrepreneurs to share insight on sustainable social good.
  • Alonso Family Dialogue Series - A dialogue-based series of programs for individuals to engage with others, challenge themselves, hear other perspectives and make new connections.
  • Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Leadership Summits - Organized each semester, these summits bring together student leaders from across student organizations to further develop leadership skills, build community and discuss issues impacting APIDA students and organizations.


  • BLF Leadership Luncheons - Enjoy a complimentary lunch and get to know outstanding business and community leaders.
  • Buck-Identity Workshops - Sponsored by the Student Life Multicultural Center, these workshops help students develop the necessary skills, awareness and knowledge to engage in diverse workplaces and to support equitable, positive social change.    
  • Buck-I-SERV Advisory Board - Ohio State's alternative breaks program - serving on the advisory board entails organizing week-long service trips during academic breaks. Members of the advisory board have the opportunity to plan, design and promote trips. 
  • Buck-I-SERV Trip Leader/Advisor - Ohio State's alternative breaks program - trip leaders and advisors have the opportunity to serve on one week service programs during academic breaks.
  • Buckeye Careers - This program offers career development assistance, support, resources and can help students find relevant job experience.
  • Buckeye Leadership Fellows - A two-year transformational experience. Students receive leadership training and participate in semester-long challenges to apply the skills they are learning. 
  • Buckeyes Inspire - Buckeyes Inspire is a mentoring program which provides high school juniors and seniors with Ohio State student mentors, who help these high school juniors and seniors with college preparation and coaching.
  • Buckeyes Inspire Mentor - Buckeyes Inspire is a two-year program that gives current Ohio State students the opportunity to mentor high school students through the college preparation, application and selection process.             
  • Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program - Students in the program work collaboratively with social entrepreneurs, faculty and community members to identify and solve real-life issues while growing their business acumen and work portfolios.   


  • CARE Ambassadors - Cultural Ambassadors for Resident Enrichment (CARE) is a program for students living in residence halls. CARE Ambassadors fosters a community that includes both international and domestic students living on campus.
  • College and University Teaching - This graduate interdisciplinary specialization through the College of Education and Human Ecology will provide students with skills to teach at institutions of higher education.       
  • Columbus Metropolitan Club Lunches - The Columbus Metropolitan Club brings together members of the Central Ohio community for dialogue on current issues facing the region. Weekly lunches provide a forum for round table discussion, networking and relationship building. (Note: There is a cost to attend these lunches and participants must register in advance).
  • Community Advisors (CAs) - Graduate/Professional students can apply to be Community Advisors in the Office of Residence Life at Gateway and Neil Building.
  • Community Ambassadors - Community Ambassadors work to build community and promote safety in their off-campus neighborhoods.        
  • Council of Black Leaders - The Council of Black Leaders brings together representatives from many student organizations on campus. The Council strengthens community and makes sure all voices of the Black Diaspora are heard.   
  • Council of Graduate Students - The official branch of student government that represents every graduate student at the Columbus and regional campuses.


  • Dean's Leadership Academy - Students will develop essential leadership skills, hone self-awareness and leadership effectiveness, gain real-world leadership experience and connect with a community of driven and inclusive leaders.


  • Emerging Leaders Institute - A ten-week program for student employees in Recreational Sports that prepares students with the knowledge and skills to make positive change in the department and campus community.


  • Handshake - Ohio State's new university-wide position posting system where students have access to search and apply for part-time jobs, internships, co-ops and full-time career opportunities. 


  • Inter-Professional Council - The official student government of the six professional colleges: Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.


  • J. Michael Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars - Designed to help students identify and expand upon personal interests in sport and wellness while providing students opportunities to develop their leadership style, network with professionals in their respective fields and form relationships with their peers and greater Dunn Scholars community.
  • John Glenn College of Public Affairs Leadership Forum - Breakout sessions, keynotes and experts in public policy provide insights during this forum into emerging trends in policy, administration and leadership. This conference is designed for individuals working in the public sector.
  • Join a Student Organization - With almost 1,400 student organizations, Ohio State provides a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved with a group whose mission matches their own values.


  • Latinos Empowering Action and Perseverance (L.E.A.P.) - A wellness, leadership and community development program for Latinx students at Ohio State.
  • LeaderShape Institute - An intense, six-day leadership development experience designed to help young leaders develop a vision to lead with integrity.       
  • Leadership in Human Services Management Certificate - Through the College of Social Work, this program is designed to train social workers for positions of leadership within human service organizations and prepare participants for a meaningful future in social work management and administration.
  • Leadership Week - A university-wide collaboration to strengthen the culture of student leadership at Ohio State, students can choose from among 30+ sessions throughout the course of a week. 
  • LGBTQ Initiatives – This leadership group advocates for the unique academic and social needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual and pansexual (LGBTQIAP) students across Ohio State through programming, leadership development, training, educational resources and service-learning opportunities.


  • MAPS: Management Advancement for the Public Service - The program offers training seminars that build management and leadership skills for top executives, mid-level managers, first-line supervisors and administrative support staff. Skill-building sessions are available for individuals at all levels.
  • Mount Leadership Society - This scholars program selects 100 students each year who are looking to further develop their skills through leadership and service projects.
  • MUNDO - Multicultural Understanding through Nontraditional Discovery Opportunities (MUNDO) helps Ohio State students serve, learn and lead in ways that promote cross-cultural learning and community service.


  • Non-Profit Immersion Program - This program creates a cohort of students who are paired with a non-profit organization in Columbus. Students serve as non-voting members for one year and gain hands-on experience about the work of non-profit organizations.     


  • Office of Social Change Programs - Programs in Student Life Social Change work to empower and advance individuals, families and communities facing poverty. The office prioritizes mentorship, leadership development, diversity and neighborhood engagement.                 
  • Ohio Union Activities Board Grad/Prof Committee - OUAB Grad/Prof Committee offers both the opportunity to take on leadership roles as well as sponsoring workshops and other trainings that will enhance leadership skills including the Diversity and Implicit Bias Awareness Program.
  • Open Doors - The program is designed to create a more inclusive campus by increasing participants' knowledge about bias, its effect on the campus community, how to address bias and how to best support those experiencing bias.
  • OSU Leadership Center - The OSU Leadership Center is led by a group of professionals dedicated to providing leadership-centered education and research to individuals, organizations and communities. The Center provides high-quality, practical programs to build and strengthen leadership capacities.           
  • OSU Public Safety Community Police Academy - OSU Public Safety's Community Police Academy is a free, four-week program designed to give eligible community members an idea of what it is like to protect and serve the students and faculty/staff on campus, while affording OSUPD yet another opportunity to learn first-hand about subjects and issues that matter to the university community.
  • OSU Votes - A student-led movement to register, educate and encourage students to vote. This nonpartisan group fosters civic engagement at The Ohio State University. 
  • Ohio Welcome Leaders (OWLs) - OWLs provide a developmental and enriching early arrival experience through student connection, service to others, and embodying tradition and school spirit.


  • Pay It Forward - A student cohort in the Office of Student Life dedicated to serving the Central Ohio community. Members learn how to build strong service partnerships while providing Ohio State students with opportunities to serve.
  • Peer 2 Peer - Peer Sponsors help incoming student veterans and service-members make a smooth transition from the military to the college environment.
  • Peer Tutor - Peer Tutors are students who assist other students on topics such as math, chemistry and physics at several locations across campus. Tutoring hours are drop-in only. To be a Peer Tutor, you must be at least a third year student.  


  • Resident Advisors (RAs) - Resident Advisors are peer leaders who supervise others living in the residence halls. They serve as the first resources for others with academic, institutional or personal questions. 
  • Residence Hall Advisory Council (RHAC) - Serving Ohio State's undergraduate residence hall population through community, student advocacy, development and wellness, diversity and recognition and leadership.
  • R-LEAD -  The goal of the program is to introduce first year residential students with a desire to develop their leadership skills to the numerous involvement opportunities provided by Student Life - Office of Residence Life.

  • Scarlet and Gray Financial Coaches - A nationally recognized peer financial coaching program that helps students learn the basics about budgets, banking, debt and credit education.        
  • Semester of Service - A leadership and service program that introduces students to working with local nonprofits.
  • Senior Vice President's Diversity Leadership Retreat - A two-day, immersive experience hosted by the Office of Student Life. The purpose of the retreat is to cultivate a space that allows students to explore their identities as well as their peers and the ways in which working with others from diverse backgrounds impacts leadership style and development. 
  • Sorority and Fraternity Life - Membership in Ohio State's sorority and fraternity life community offers students a range of leadership development opportunities. 
  • Sports Clubs and Intramural Sports - Participation in sports clubs or intramural teams gives students co-curricular leadership opportunities and coaching, mentorship and relationship-building skills. 
  • Student Employment Experience (SEE) - Leading student employees to reflect on what they are learning through their role and guiding students to connect learning from work to class and future careers.
  • Student Life Social Change - Programs in Student Life Social Change work to empower and advance individuals, families and communities facing poverty. The office prioritizes mentorship, leadership development, diversity and neighborhood engagement.      
  • Student Leadership Advocates (SLA) - A peer leadership cohort sponsored by the Office of Student Life. Members develop their own leadership capacities while also learning how to facilitate leadership workshops for others.
  • Student Organization, President Training - Required for all students who serve as a student organization presidents, this training is an opportunity to learn about the requirements, responsibilities and resources available to student organizations.    
  • Student Organization Success Coaches - Trained to provide consultation and support to student organizations. Coaches help these groups grow, become stronger and reach their goals.
  • Student Organization, Treasurer Training - Required for all students who serve as a student organization treasurers, this training is an opportunity to learn about the requirements, responsibilities and resources available to student organizations. 
  • Student Philanthropy Council - Ensuring that every student at Ohio State is educated and engaged in philanthropy, able to express gratitude for their collegiate opportunities and successfully transitioned from a giving student to a giving alumnus.


  • TEDxOhioStateUniversityTEDx is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals spark conversation and connection. TEDxOhioStateUniversity is the independently organized conference for the Ohio State community. 
  • Tutor at OSU Mansfield - Prospective and current Ohio State students assist other students in subjects such as math, writing, chemistry, physics, biology, foreign languages and psychology. This opportunity is at Ohio State Mansfield only.
  • Tutor at OSU Newark - Tutors help other Ohio State students be successful in the classroom by assisting with various subjects in-person and online. This opportunity is at Ohio State Newark only.    



  • Vice President's Diversity Leadership Retreat - A two-day, immersive experience hosted by the Office of Student Life. The purpose of the retreat is to cultivate a space that allows students to explore their identities as well as their peers and the ways in which working with others from diverse backgrounds impacts leadership style and development. 


  • Wellness Ambassadors - Promote the holistic well-being of Buckeye students. Ambassadors plan programs, lead workshops and conduct personal consultations related to the Nine Dimensions of Wellness. To learn where you score on the Nine Dimensions of Wellness, you can take the Wellness Assessment.  
  • Wellness Coaching - A free service that provides opportunities for students to gain awareness about creating the life they want to live, both now and in the future. Wellness coaching focuses on using an individual's strengths to generate meaningful goals. 
  • Women's Cabinet - The aim of the Women's Cabinet is providing an empowering environment where women-identifying students can engage in conversations and workshops that promote self-awareness, build confidence and increase a belief in their leadership potential. 


Courses and Capstones

      • Black Male Leadership and Civic Engagement ESHESA 2570-0030 (35567) - An experimental course; students can expect field (trip) experiences, expert speakers, team building projects, learning how to navigate the university and learning more about their own leadership style and talents.         
      • Capstone in Leadership COMLDR 4480 - Application of leadership theories, principles, concepts and skills in a setting aligned with the student's academic and/or career interests. Students will plan, conduct, reflect and report the project in conjunction with a faculty supervisor.     
      • Certificate in Public & Nonprofit Leadership - Through John Glenn College of Public Affairs, this certificate program is designed for working professionals to strengthen their management and leadership abilities
      • Crossing Identity Boundaries ESHESA 2755 - A three-credit course designed to bring together students from different cultural and social identity groups in a facilitated learning environment. Interactive dialogues engage students in exploring issues of diversity and inequality, as well as their responsibility for building a more just society.
      • Diversity and Social Justice in Leadership ESHESA 2577 - In this course, students will understand the pluralistic nature of institutions, society and culture in the United States and across the world in order to become educated, productive and principled global leaders.
      • Foundations of Leadership II COMLDR 2100.02 - This course focuses on the foundations of leadership. Topics include introductory leadership theories and concepts with a focus on developing relationships with others. Topics include diversity, communication and teamwork. This CCP course is offered as a part of an off-campus, community-embedded program in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership. Selection into an approved partner program with the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership (such as OSUE's LOOK to Ohio) required for enrollment.
      • Foundations of Personal and Professional Leadership COMLDR 3530E - This course includes a discussion of leadership theories, principles and concepts. Research-based theories, methods of social scientific inquiry, individual strengths, personal leadership philosophy and vision, concepts of diversity and ethics and professional development plan.         
      • Individual Studies in Community Leadership COMLDR 5193 - Planning, conducting and reporting a special study appropriate to the needs of the student.  
      • Instructional Leadership and Supervision ESEADM 7356 - Instructional leadership requires the development of an organization and its members in support of its teaching and learning mission. 
      • Internship in Community Leadership COMLDR 4191 - Provides students in the Community Leadership program with an experiential learning opportunity to practice and apply knowledge and skills learned in an authentic setting. Open to Community Leadership Majors with a Leadership Specialization.             
      • Introduction to Leadership Theory ESHESA 2572 - An overview of leadership theories throughout modern history and in today's world. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of theories and models through personal inventories, presentations and meaningful dialogue.          
      • Leadership for Social Change ESHESA 4239 - This course will help students consider leadership through a lens of equity and will frame ways to reconstruct collective understanding of leadership and leadership practice to be more inclusive and justice-oriented. In this course, students will have the opportunity to reflect on contemporary social movements and to analyze power dynamics in various leadership contexts.        
      • Leadership in Community Service ESHEA 2571 - Introduction to the knowledge, skills and competencies for responsible service and leadership in diverse communities. Preparation for engaged, responsible and active community involvement.
      • Leadership, Inquiry, and Ethics ESEADM 7359 - Authentic learning leading to application to practice in educational organizations. This is a core course in administrator certification. Learning promotes three primary principles: leadership, inquiry, and ethics.  
      • Leadership MBA 6202 - An overview of factors that influence individual and team performance and techniques to improve it; analytical frameworks for determining effectiveness of given techniques in specific circumstances.       
      • Leadership Studies Minor - The interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Leadership Studies provides students with knowledge of leadership theories, principles and concepts to better prepare for future professional roles. 
      • MBOE Lean Enterprise Leadership BUSMGT72 - Introduces three important methods: Hoshin Kanri (or policy deployment); Value Stream Mapping, and A3 storyboards. We will also begin defining projects and use the methods covered to analyze and document the value streams. 
      • Non-Profit Immersion Program - A cohort of students paired with a nonprofit organization in Columbus. Students serve as non-voting members for one year and gain hands-on experience about the work of nonprofit organizations. 
      • Nurse Executive Leadership NRSPRCT 8404 - Analysis of the role of the DNP nurse executive within complex healthcare systems.     
      • Preparing Future Faculty GRADSCH 6701 - Mentorship and professional development activities in conjunction with partner institutions. Students must successfully complete application process and be admitted. 
      • Professional Leadership Ethics COMLDR 5430 - Discussion of public debates over the ethics and integrity of leadership from recent years. These debates and continued exposure of unethical behaviors by some leaders has spurred new examinations of how those who are responsible to the public. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for AgrComm 600.
      • Recreational Sport Leadership KNSISM 5630 - A study of current issues, management techniques and programming concepts associated with the administration of campus recreation programs. 
      • Success & Leadership in Pharmacy PHR 5560 - Explore the meaning of success and leadership, attributes of successful leaders and what can be done to be a successful leader.       
      • Team and Organizational Leadership ESHESA 2570 - This class focuses on the relational leadership model, positive psychology and wellness as an approach to leadership. Students will learn how to align personal values with goals and develop stronger relationships with others. 
      • Women's Civic Engagement and Leadership Development ESHESA 2750  This course has a focus on identity development, leadership, civic engagement, service and experiences of women in college. This class will also highlight what it means to be a woman in a leadership position outside the classroom. This course will feature field experiences, speakers and critical discussions.         
      • Youth Organizations and Program Management COMLDR 5350 - Introduction to and analysis of youth organizations and youth program management. Theories, principles and key concepts important for assuming leadership roles in contemporary youth organizations.