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Ohio State Alumni Pathways Survey

Congratulations on your graduation from The Ohio State University! Now that you are officially an alumnus, we would love to know what your next steps are. Please follow the link below to tell us about what your plans are after college.

The Ohio State Alumni Pathways Survey (OSAPS) is a survey designed to collect information about life after Ohio State from recently graduated alumni. With this survey, alumni have the opportunity to share valuable information regarding their plans after graduation. We encourage recently graduated alumni to take the survey, as the results will be used for improving resources and services at the university and will help enhance the student experience for all Buckeyes. If you have any questions about accessing the survey, please email The survey will ask you to enter your Ohio State email address. Please enter your without “buckeyemail” when entering this information. You may be emailed about this survey by a staff member who works in career services at Ohio State; please consider them as a resource as well should you have any questions.

You can access the survey at