Office of Student Life

Center for the Study of Student Life

Published Research

Below is a selection of recent peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters published by staff in the Center for the Study of Student Life. Publications are organized by topic area. When available, direct links to the publications are provided. 

Student Development, Learning and Higher Education

Halper, L.R., Craft, C. & Shi, Y. (2020). Expanding the student employment literature: Investigating the practice of reflection in on-campus student employment. Journal of College Student Development.

McDaniel, A.E. & Phillips, E.L.  Gender and Education. (2018). In B.J. Risman, Froyum, C., & Scarborough, W.J. (Ed.), Handbook on the Sociology of Gender, Springer Press.

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Halper, L.R., Vancouver, J.B., & Bayes, K.A. (2018). Self-efficacy does not appear to mediate training’s effect on performance based on the moderation-of-process design. Human Performance, 1-22. doi: 10.1080/08959285.2018.1509343

Chen, H-T., Bradford, R.S., Lusby, B.A., Fornash, A. (2017). Promoting students’ sense of connectedness using strategic in-class groups. In R. Carpenter, C. Sweet, H. Blythe, M. Winslow & S. O’Brien (Eds.), Innovations In Teaching & Learning: Inaugural Proceedings of the 2017 Pedagogicon, Richmond KY: Pedagogicon.

Collegiate Financial Wellness

Montalto, C. P., Phillips, E.L., McDaniel, A.E., & Baker, A.R.. College Student Financial Wellness: Student Loans and Beyond. (2018). Journal of Family and Economic Issues. 1-19.

Baker, A.R., Andrews, B.D., & McDaniel, A.E. (2017). The Impact of Student Loans on College Access, Completion, and ReturnsSociology Compass 11(6), 1-11.

Prescription Drug Misuse

Li, V.T., Turner, A.N., McDaniel, A.E., Hale, K.M., Athas, C.A. & Kwiek, N.C. (2018). Non-medical use of over-the-counter medications is significantly associated with non-medical use of prescription drugs among university students. Journal of College American Health 66(1), 1-8.

Dagirmanjian, F., McDaniel, A.E., & Shadick, R. (2017). Sexual Orientation and College Students’ Reasons for Nonmedical Use of Prescription DrugsSubstance Use and Abuse. 52(8), 1011-1018.