Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

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Leah Halper, PhD

Leah Halper, PhD is an Associate Director with the Center for the Study of Student Life. Leah has a BS in Psychology from The Ohio State University and an MS and PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Ohio University. Broadly, she is interested in student motivation in classroom settings and out of classroom settings. More specifically, her research interests include understanding how self-efficacy (i.e., one’s beliefs in one’s capacities) affects training, effort and performance in higher education settings, particularly for underrepresented groups (e.g., females in certain Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics majors and males in certain caregiving-related majors such as Early Childhood Education).

In CSSL, Dr. Halper leads and supervises projects related to her interests and background, such as the Graduation Survey, the Multi-Insitutional Study of Leadership (MSL), the Student Employment Experience (SEE), the Second-Year Transformation Experience Program (STEP) and the Student Life Survey.