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Leadership Education Needs Assessment

Learning one’s strengths and areas for growth as a leader are crucial for personal and professional development. The Leadership Education Needs Assessment (LENA) from the Center for the Study of Student Life was created to help all students regardless of their major, year or academic level.

LENA measures students’ leadership skills as they relate to four different areas: Purpose and Vision, Accomplishing Tasks, Building Relationships and Charisma. By taking a 5-minute survey, students receive scores associated with these four leadership areas. Additionally, students will indicate any leadership-related activities or roles they want to become involved in during the rest of their time at Ohio State. At the end of the survey, students will be provided lists of campus resources, tailored to each individual’s needs.

This leadership tool was created to help students at the undergraduate level as well as at the graduate or professional level. LENA can be taken as many times as the student wants, which can allow students to track their leadership skill development over time.

Students can take the assessment at If you would like to test the assessment to see if it might be useful for your students or group, please email

Submit additional leadership-related resources.

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