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Study on Collegiate Financial Wellness

The Study on Collegiate Financial Wellness (SCFW), previously titled the National Student Financial Wellness Study, is a multi-institutional survey of college students that examines the financial attitudes, practices and knowledge of students from all types of institutions of higher education across the United States via an online survey. Topics covered by the survey include: financial education, financial management behaviors, financial self-efficacy, financial stress and optimism, sources to pay for college, student loans and consumer debt.

Three multi-institutional administrations were conducted in 2014, 2017 and 2020 with over 75,000 total participants. While no future administrations of the study are planned, we are continuing to publish briefs and manuscripts using SCFW data. If you are interested in using the multi-institutional dataset for a project, please complete the request form here:

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Research Reports and Briefs

2020 Research Reports and Briefs

2017 Research Reports and Briefs

2014 Research Reports and Briefs


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Student Loans

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