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First-Generation Student Study

The First-Generation Student Study is a six-year longitudinal, mixed-methods research study that aims to understand the experiences of first-generation college students. This study is a partnership between the Center for the Study of Student Life and the Department of Sociology at The Ohio State University. The study will follow a cohort of incoming first-year, first-generation students through surveys and in-depth interviews. The main research questions of the study include:

  1. What predicts first-generation student persistence and success in college? Specifically, does sense of belonging, integration and responsibilities to family of origin influence first-generation students in distinct ways relative to their peers and, if so, how and what are the consequences for student success?
  2. What are the unique experiences or challenges first-generation students face once they begin college that promote or compete with their academic trajectories (e.g., selection of major), integration on campus and overall success?
  3. How do first-generation students' varying identities and backgrounds intersect to influence their success in college?

The First-Generation Student Study began data collection in autumn 2018 and will continue until autumn 2024. For questions, please contact the Principal Investigators, listed below.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Erica Regan
Center for the Study of Student Life

Dr. Vincent Roscigno
Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences
Department of Sociology